Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?
A: When you buy online from our partner stores by clicking on our button links first, we get commissions and give a portion of it back to you! Once the member is satisfied with the accumulated cashback collected, the member is then allowed to withdraw (Request Payout) the cashback earned.

Q: How does CARI CashBack earn money?
A: We get paid commissions for every sale we bring to our listed partner stores after users click out from CARI CashBack From that commissions earned, we take some of it to cover our operational costs and return the remaining commissions back to you as cashback.

Q: I am getting a error/found a bug or dead link when I am browsing through CARI CashBack. What do I do?
A: If you stumble upon an error or encounter something that simply isn't working on the website, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us by raising a Support Ticket. We will look into improving your experience!

Q: What happens if partner store links are not working?
A: If you discover any error page or broken links, please do not hesitate to contact us by raising a Support Ticket.

Q: What is Cashback?
A: Cashback is a form of cash rebate, rewarded to you after you have completed a purchase on our partner stores' website. In other words, when you shop online at our partner stores through CARI CashBack, we will give you a portion of the money spent back to you as cashback.

Q: Can you track my cashback if I forget to click through CARI CashBack?
A: CARI CashBack tracks your order and cashback entitled by planting a tracking cookie into your internet browser. If you forget to click out to the store from CARI CashBack, we unfortunately will not be able to track your order and cashback will not be given. Note: Always remember to click out from CARI CashBack again if you make another purchase.

Q: How do I know if my cashback is tracked? When can I receive it?
A: Typically, your cashback will take up to 24 hours to be processed and credited into your Cashback History page. 

Q: How do I make sure I get my cashback?
A: Always make sure you are logged in to your account. Check how much cashback you are entitled to including if there are different tiers of commission based on spending or actions. Make sure you click the button link to redirect yourself to our partner stores each time before making your purchase. This is to generate a click ID. In other words, one Click ID per checkout. Finally, ensure your cookies are enabled.

Q: I have made a purchase but the cashback is not appearing on my Cashback History Page?
A: Cashback usually takes up to 24 hours to be updated into your account. If you do not see your cashback within that time period, you may raise a Support Ticket and we will look into it. 

Q: I made a second purchase right after the first. Why am I not getting cashback?
A: When a user is redirected to the store page from CARI CashBack, a Click ID is generated. CARI CashBack only tracks cashback entitled for each Click ID generated. If you did not repeat the process of accessing the store from CARI CashBack for the second purchase, we unfortunately will not be able to track your order and no cashback will be given. Note: Make sure you click the button link to redirect yourself to our partner stores each time before making your purchase. In other words, one Click ID per checkout!

Q: My cashback status is still showing as pending after 2 months
A: Previous month cashback validation reports are sent every 1st week of the following month (e.g. Cashback in May will be sent for validation in early June). Depending on our partner stores, it takes another 14 - 60 days to get the cashback validated. If your cashback is not changed to “Approved” status after 75 days since the transaction took place, please raise a Support Ticket. We will look into it.

Q: Why does it take so long to get my cashback validated?
A: Our partner stores usually offer return periods for all purchases made on their websites and/or a grace period for credit card fraud alerts. Therefore, the partner store must wait for these return/grace periods to be over before verifying a payment. This practice is put in place to avoid fraud cashback claims.

Q: What does the cashback status mean?
Pending: Cashback is recognised but not yet validated by the partner store.
Approved: Cashback has been validated but partner store has not paid us your cashback just yet.
Received: Cashback has been validated and partner store has paid us your cashback. You can now request for Payout if your Minimum Payout Requirement is met.
Rejected: Cashback not succesfully validated due to incomplete payment, product/service delivery, return product, cancelled order or fraud.

Q: What does 4.50% cashback mean?
A: If you spend RM 100, you are eligible to receive RM 4.50 cashback. 

Q: What happens to my cashback if I return/exchange/cancel my order?
A: Our agreement with our partner stores is such that they would not pay out for returns, exchanges or cancellations of orders. In the event you did the above, we will unfortunately have to cancel your cashback.

Q: Why is my cashback value received wrong?
A: Some stores have different cashback percentage given for different product categories (e.g. 4.5% on Fashion, 2% on Electronics, etc). Some stores calculate cashback excluding payment fees, GST, shipping, etc. If the cashback received still does not tally with the percentage shown, please raise a Support Ticket. We will look into it.

Q: When can I withdraw (Request Payout) my cashback? How do I withdraw my cashback?
A: Once the Minimum Payout Requirement is reached, you can request for Payout in your Account Settings Page via the button link.

Q: I have cashback. Why can't I request payout?
A: You can only request for payout once your total accumulated cashback hits the Minimum Payout Requirement. You probably have not hit the Minimum Payout Requirement yet.

Q: What are the Minimum requirement for payouts?
A: The Minimum Payout Requirement is RM 10.

Q: What do the payout statuses mean?
Processing: We have received your payout transaction request.
Paid: The payout transaction been paid to you already.

Q: Why haven't I received my payout yet?
A: Ensure your Payment Details in your Account Settings are correct. After you request for payout, we will place your payout request in queue for PayPal/Bank transfer. Every 1st or 3rd Friday each month, we will execute these transactions. If your Payment Settings are correct and you still haven't receive your payout after 15 working days, please raise a Support Ticket. We will look into it.